131+Commemorative Speech Topics and How To Write Guide

131+Commemorative Speech Topics and How To Write Guide
Table of Contents
Commemorative speech definition
A guide on writing a commemorative speech
Choose a relevant theme
Ideas for your commemorative speech
Commemorative speech outline
Speech about a work colleague
Speech about a friend
Speech about a parent
Speech about a deceased person
Speech about a country and patriotism
Speech about an organization or an event
Speech about funny events in your life
Factors to consider when writing a commemorative speech
How to choose commemorative speech topics
Proper research
Your subject
Your audience
Content about the subject
Features of a good commemorative speech
Target audience
Genuine and unique
Flows like a story
Delivering your written commemorative speech
Famous commemorative speech topics
Commemorative speech topics for a country and its heroes
Funny commemorative speech topics
Commemorative speech topics for a friend or person
Commemorative speech topics for college
Good commemorative speech topics
Simple commemorative speech topics
Parting remarks
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A commemorative speech is written in honor of a person or something. The commemorative definition shows that it is something that acts as a memorial. This article is a clear guide on how to write a commemorative speech, with more than 131 commemorative speech topics.
Commemorative speech definition
This type of speech is written and presented as a tribute to someone, a group of people, or something. The speech clearly shows why the person or thing is important or was important. Commemorative speeches are given during special proceedings or events.
A commemorative speech aims at sending a message and impacting the audience. The topic of a commemorative speech helps to captivate the audience and guide you in writing the content. The flow of your content should also be focused on the audience and on delivering quality.
A guide on writing a commemorative speech
A commemorative speech needs to be clear and meaningful. The main goal of a commemorative speechwriter is to remind the audience about the person or thing written about. Here are tips you can follow to write a good commemorative speech.
Choose a relevant theme
Select a theme that consistently shows the strengths of the person or thing you are writing about. The theme should be in line with something that impacted you and the audience in one way or another. Your theme will guide you when choosing your commemorative speech topic.
Ideas for your commemorative speech
Think of great ideas to include in your speech about the person or thing you are writing about. Create a list of good ideas that will improve your speech and ensure positive ideas. Include great memories and information about your subject, as you would want it to be if someone wrote a commemorative speech about you.
Ensure the information about the subject pays tribute and is not just informative content about the subject. The content needs to be relevant for your audience and the event. Avoid copying what has already been written and focus on delivering uniqueness to your audience.
Commemorative speech outline
This section reviews how to write a commemorative speech outline and a breakdown of the information flow in the speech. Begin with a clear and strong introduction that grabs the attention of the audience. Your first statement should help you build a connection with the audience.
Figurative language is encouraged when writing a commemorative speech. From the beginning, the speech should convey your feelings about the subject you are writing about. Make the introduction short to avoid monotony and boredom.
Write the details of the subject in the next part of your speech. Factual information and personal observations should form the basis of your details. If possible, include the sayings associated with the subject to make the speech better.
The speech should be concluded simply and naturally. Emphasis should be put on the key information noted in the speech content about the subject. In the conclusion, you can have a call to action where you challenge the audience to emulate the subject described in your speech.
A commemorative speech is written about people, organizations, events, and more. When writing about people, the speech can be a farewell speech, graduation speech, or a speech during a different event. The following are some of the ideas you can use when writing your commemorative speech.
Speech about a work colleague
This can be a speech about your workmate or boss and should be written in a professional tone. Your content should be focused on what this person means to you and why you are celebrating them. Including some anecdotes helps to make your speech more interesting.
Speech about a friend
Commemorative speeches about friends are quite common. It could be a speech for a graduation, birthday, job promotion, or another event for your friend. This commemorative speech is considered easy to write as it focuses on your friend’s strengths and accomplishments.
Include a few stories about the person and your great experiences together. Note how the person has influenced your life without making the speech about you. Encourage others to emulate the person’s good character and wish the person well.
Speech about a parent
You would likely have a lot to say about your parent. While the speech should have a respectful and loving tone, you can include some anecdotes to make the speech lively. You can conclude this type of commemorative speech by cheering your parent on and thanking them with hearty words.
Speech about a deceased person
This type of commemorative speech is mainly referred to as a eulogy. The speech is a bit restraint and should be very respectful—state how the person impacted your life and the memories you shared that will remain with you.
Speech about a country and patriotism
People tend to love associating themselves with certain groups or where they come from. Love for one’s country is known as patriotism. There is so much that you can write about your country in different contexts to inspire your audience.
During celebrations such as Independence Day, for instance, write about the great works of previous or present leaders. You can also write about great efforts made by previous and present heroes in bringing the country peace and glory.
Speech about an organization or an event
Yes, commemorative speeches are not only about people. You can have a commemorative speech about an organization you own or work for. Write on the impact this organization has had on you and why it is an ideal organization.
You can also write about an event that has impacted your life and is relevant to your target audience. A commemorative speech can also be about a spouse, child, mentor, and other people.
You can write a commemorative speech about a happy or sad event that changed lives. A good example would be a disease pandemic or a terrorist attack that greatly scarred people. Other ideas on events include efforts made by different people to support good events and fight bad events.
Speech about funny events in your life
You can comfortably have a commemorative speech about yourself at an event where you share with close people. Share about your first day at work or your first time to do mountain climbing. You can also write about your college experiences to inspire your audience.
Factors to consider when writing a commemorative speech
Understand the subject
What you are writing about should be the first thing to consider when writing your commemorative speech. It should be clear to you so that you select your tone and content appropriately.
Understand the background of the subject
You also need to know that not all people in your audience are conversant with your topic. You should therefore write your speech with a proper background about your subject. This helps those who hear about the subject for the first time to flow well with your content.
Choose your words properly
The words in your speech should be clear and not jargon that may hinder your audience from understanding your content well. Ideas in your speech should also be well explained and not only introduced. Neither should the speed focus a lot on you nor the subject but more on the audience.
Consider your audience
Address what your audience can relate to about the subject and have an anecdote or two to hook your audience. Do not use language that shows off your knowledge about the subject to the audience.
In the introduction, let the audience know the importance of the topic. If it is about someone, state something great about him or her that the audience can relate to. If your speech is about an event or organization – state how the event has impacted you and relate with the audience.
Give tribute to the audience
It is important to pay tribute to the subject of your speech before you break down your main content. The tribute aims at highlighting why your subject is being celebrated. It can be something the person did or said or how an event brought people together in a good way.
In the main content of your speech, state the strengths and achievements of the subject. You also need to accompany this with examples as proof of your points. Avoid making the information about how these achievements relate to you and focus more on the audience.
Discuss the importance of the strengths and achievements, especially, how they benefit the audience. The commemorative speech has a better impact when you choose content that relates to the audience.
How to choose commemorative speech topics
Like any other form of writing, a commemorative speech needs a good topic. The speech begins with the idea of what to write about. Before you start writing on the subject, you need a good topic to guide you in writing.
Proper research
Search for commemorative speech topics online and relate them to your subject to select the best. There are also commemorative speech examples and videos that you can use to gain more ideas. Research is an important aspect in writing that helps you write from a knowledgeable point of view, comparing your ideas to others.
Your subject
What you are writing about should serve as a great guide in choosing your topic. Think of the strengths or what people love most about the subject. Think of ideas that will bring out respectful content about the subject and something that your audience would be interested in.
Your audience
Understand that a commemorative speech is not about you but about the audience. You want to ensure that you choose a topic that is suitable for your audience. Consider their likes, dislikes, and what they think about your subject.
Content about the subject
A commemorative speech aims at informing the audience about the subject or topic. You should therefore have a subject or topic with meaningful content aside from praising the subject. The information you have about the subject helps in selecting a suitable research topic.
Features of a good commemorative speech
Target audience
A good commemorative speech addresses the people present at an event. It touches on relevant and positive content about the subject. The speech also respects the values of the audience at the event.
Consider your audience and choose a subject that is relevant to them. It would be out of context, for instance, to deliver a speech on the virtues of Christianity at an event where people are celebrating a Muslim event. A commemorative speech is about your audience, and that should be your guide.
Genuine and unique
Facts and truth are essential aspects of a commemorative speech. The information you provide in your speech should be based on actual events that have taken place and should be supported with some evidence. Genuine content easily influences your audience and meets your speech expectations.
You also need to be creative, especially if you are writing about a famous subject. A subject like Nelson Mandela, for instance, has so much content online and everywhere. Therefore, when writing about such a subject, do proper research to avoid replicating what other people have already written about him.
Flows like a story
In a commemorative speech, you talk about a subject and its impact on people or something. Start at the beginning with how you met the subject or how the event in your subject began. The main content should be in line with your topic to avoid being general about the issue.
A good flow of content in a commemorative speech hooks the audience, including those who are hearing about your subject for the first time. Use oratory and respectful language to deliver your speech content and inspire the audience.
Delivering your written commemorative speech
The final draft of your speech is ready, and you are looking forward to delivering it to the audience. Take time to go through your speech and practice reading it out loud. This helps you to familiarize yourself with the speech and deliver it with more authority.
Ask colleagues and family to listen to you deliver the speech and offer criticism. Note whether the audience is following your speech and flowing with your content during your practice, as it would be the same case with the main audience.
The following are some of the best commemorative speech topics.
Famous commemorative speech topics
Some of the famous commemorative speech topics include the life and work of different personalities. They include politicians such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Barrack Obama. These personalities can also be people who lived or did exemplary deeds, such as Saint Mother Teresa.
Famous events such as sports, calamities, and terrorist attacks also form the basis for famous commemorative speech topics.
Commemorative speech topics for a country and its heroes
Remembering the life and work of Martin Luther King
The history of democracy in the United States
Tribute to all fallen army officers
Tribute to all our sportsmen and women
Tribute to all victims of a terror attack
Tribute to all presidents
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Remembering the first person to visit the space
Remembering the life and work of Lucky Dube
Remembering the life of Nelson Mandela and his implications to freedom
Tribute to champions of civil rights groups
The Barrack Obama presidency
Commemorating our Independence Day
The great achievements of Ben Carson
Funny commemorative speech topics
There are “funny commemorative speech topics” you can consider for your speech.
The life and times of Mr. Bean
Remembering famous cartoon makers and their contribution to making our times memorable
How I met my wife in high school
Remembering my first baking experience
How I began my athletics career
My first singing experience as a child
Remembering your most embarrassing moment
Celebrating the funniest characters in high school
Celebrating SpongeBob and his contribution in giving us light moments
My first time in a remote picnic
Celebrating the contribution of all comedy actors
Commemorative speech topics for a friend or person
Remembering how I met my best friend
Paying tribute to one of the kindest people I know
Paying tribute to a lady who impacted my life
Paying tribute to my brother for helping me complete college
Remembering the part of Isaac Newton in Physics
Commemorating the role of Pope John Paul II
Celebrating the sacrifice of army officers for world peace
Celebrating my mother as the most selfless person I know
Commemorative speech topics for college
Celebrating one of the best professors in school
Remembering my first encounter with my college mate
Paying tribute to the professor who introduced me to engineering
Paying tribute to all teachers who impacted my life
The academic experience that changed my thinking about life
Remembering my journey in medical school
Remembering my journey as an engineering student
Remembering champions against the slave trade
Remembering the efforts of medical students in making lives better
Values and virtues to learn from Barrack Obama
The impact of scientific innovation in the medical sector
Good commemorative speech topics
The contribution of the first lady to maternal healthcare
The impact of technology on agriculture
Examples of people who passionately fought against colonialism
Commemorating the end of the slave trade
Soldiers who have shown exemplary humility in services
Celebrating the eradication of polio
Celebrating efforts made in the fight against HIV/AIDS
The impact of technology on cancer treatment
A tribute to all coronavirus victims
A tribute to all medical practitioners who died in the line of duty
A tribute to all environmentalists and their impact on saving nature
Remembering my first publication as a writer
Human efforts that keep the world safe
On my first day as an employee
Celebrating leaders who promote peace and equity
Paying tribute to all victims of the Nazi regime
Inspiring new anchors of our time
Inspiring action series of the year
Remembering the time when the coronavirus affected the world
Recognizing the efforts of the United Nations in making the world a peaceful place
Recognizing the efforts of the Red cross in offering humanitarian aid
Celebrating early childhood education teachers
The role of courageous riots in attaining justice and human rights
A tribute to my doctor for saving my life
Celebrating the police officer who rescued me from danger
Celebrating all breast cancer survivors
Celebrating all single parents who raise their children faithfully
Celebrating all parents of children with special needs
Celebrating all the parents for their sacrifices and guidance
A tribute to all professionals who lose their lives while at work
Commemorating persons with disabilities who help in making the world a better place
Celebrating all girls and women
Celebrating the life of George Floyd
Celebrating the lives of all victims of extrajudicial killings
A tribute to all mothers who died giving life
Contributions of George Bush in the fight against terrorism
Tribute to all sign language interpreters for their effort in communicating with the hearing impaired
Celebrating world leaders who were committed to achieving peace for their countries
Governors who greatly improved their states
Human rights activists who fought for the rights of children
Sportspeople who brought great glory to their country
A tribute to a school principal who greatly improved a school
A tribute to congress members who fought to defend the law
Move creators who greatly impacted the acting world
The impact of technology on the arts
Selfless actions of medical practitioners during emergency and pandemic
Celebrating musicians who championed peace and equity
A tribute to scientists and innovators for their contribution to the world today
Celebrating wrestling champions who impacted our lives
Celebrating a boss who helped you grow and thrive
Simple commemorative speech topics
Below is a “list of simple commemorative speech topics” to go for:
Celebrating a student leader who showed good leadership skills
A tribute to your father for being a good mentor
A tribute to your math teacher for making it easy to do well
Great innovations in the world of beauty and skincare
Cartoon shows that shaped us as children
Tribute to a Sunday school teacher who nurtured as well as children
Celebrating a very supportive work supervisor
The role of a famous religious leader in bringing peace
A tribute to your favorite high school teacher
A tribute to the best neighbor you ever had
The role of a famous business leader in bettering the lives of the needy
Remembering the first day you earned a salary
A tribute to great philosophers in history
A tribute to a famous conservationist in championing wildlife
The vendor who sold us affordable food in college
A tribute to a mentor who walked with you during your addiction
Celebrating my child for a great life achievement
Celebrating my son on his wedding day
Celebrating Catholic nuns who faithfully serve humanity
The life and contribution of Saint Mother Teresa
Celebrating Muslim leaders who are committed to the fight against terrorism
Celebrating a famous book author
Celebrating social media personalities who have impacted the world
A tribute to all professionals who are ethical in their work
Remembering your grandmother and her mentorship
Celebrating your understanding and noble landlord
Tribute to all exemplary women in leadership
A tribute to all firefighters who lose their lives saving others
Celebration of the life of your best professor
Celebrating pediatricians who closely work with special needs children
How college changed your spiritual beliefs
Celebration of the legalization of gay marriages
The life of Queen Elizabeth
A tribute to all who died on 9/11
How your neighbor become part of your family
Celebrating your adopted daughter who changed your life
A life decision that made me who I am today
The stranger who helped me when I was lost
Innovations that have helped advance network connectivity in the world
A tribute to religious leaders who were killed for their beliefs
A tribute to all Christians killed in the Middle East
Eulogy for your beloved uncle
The contribution of Keifer Sutherland in acting
Your first experience when buying a house
Successful efforts in curbing global warming
Successful efforts in achieving the Sustainable Development goals
The value of freedom and peace in a country
Celebrating a sports coach who helped you believe in yourself
Celebrating Google for their invention that brought the world together
Celebrating all divers who help save lives and recover victims
The selfless dedication of nurses in taking care of patients
Tribute to a famous blogger who championed equity
Courageous LGBT activists
The impact of social media on marketing
The teachings and values of Hinduism on unity
Celebrating a gym instructor who helped you deal with your esteem
Tribute to a family driver who served your family for decades
Tribute to Nobel Peace Prize winners and their contribution
A tribute to a workmate who was always ready to serve others
A tribute to a close friend following a long battle with cancer
A commemorative speech helps us to deliver ceremonial or celebratory messages. The speech may entail your personal experiences, the significance of different events in your life, and the world at large. The speech may also be about people in your life and from other parts of the world.
When choosing a commemorative speech topic, consider your audience, the purpose of the event where the speech will be delivered, and the exact message you intend to deliver. Your topic should also be clear and direct for your audience to relate to.
Choose a topic that brings your audience together to remember a particular subject. The speech can also be used to appreciate someone important to you and the audience. It can also help the audience to reflect on events happening around them.
The commemorative speech should be timely and relevant to the particular event. You can talk to the event organizer to get your facts right before writing a commemorative speech. This helps you to remain relevant and choose your commemorative speech content well.
Attributes and strengths of the subject should be greatly emphasized in a commemorative speech. This helps the speech to adopt a positive tone and keep your audience engaged. Also, avoid going out of topic or context so as not to lose your audience.
When writing about a famous event or person, most likely, someone else has written a commemorative speech about the subject before. It is advisable to make your commemorative speech unique to avoid being compared to other speechwriters. This is why research is important before you choose your topic and content.
Review commemorative speeches and topics online and let the findings help you to determine your unique angle. Strive to be as particular as possible in your speech as it becomes easier to achieve your goals. Your message in the speech should be distinct and original.
Parting remarks
There are many commemorative speech topics you can use to write the best speech. The topic for your speech should be well researched and interesting. This article is a complete guide with a list of commemorative topics to help you choose the best topic for your speech and audience.
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