Assignment: Anatomy and physiology

Assignment: Anatomy and physiology

Assignment: Anatomy and physiology


Question Description
Group of answer choices

organs; abdominal

wall; chest

wall; abdominal

organs; chest

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Group of answer choices

melanocytes, which give the skin color

collagen connective tissue

nerve endings

sweat glands

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Question 31 pts

The skeletal system function of hematopoiesis refers to the__:

Group of answer choices

process of blood cell formation

storage of calcium for the body

attachment of muscles for movement

ability of the skeleton to protect the more delicate structures of the body

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Question 41 pts

Bone-building cells are called __:

Group of answer choices





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Question 51 pts

Which of the following is not one of the bones that makes up the hip bone?

Group of answer choices





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Question 61 pts

Which substance is stored in the muscle’s endoplasmic reticulum and then released when a nerve signal stimulates a muscle fiber?

Group of answer choices

calcium ions




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Question 71 pts

Complete the sentence below to make an accurate statement.

During a nerve impulse___:

Group of answer choices

sodium ions are allowed into the neuron

the entire neuron becomes positively charged

sodium ions are pumped out of the neuron

the interior of the neuron becomes more negative

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Question 81 pts

The vital centers of the body are located in the ___:

Group of answer choices

medulla oblongata


spinal cord


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Question 91 pts

Which of the following is not a function of the hypothalamus?

Group of answer choices

plays a part in the so-called arousal or alerting mechanism

produces antidiuretic hormone

helps regulate body temperature

helps regulate water balance

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Question 101 pts

Which of the following is an example of a morphine-like neurotransmitter?

Group of answer choices





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Question 111 pts

Which of the following is not a bone of the middle ear?

Group of answer choices





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Question 121 pts

Complete the sentence to make it correct:

Adrenal Corticotropic Hormone (ACTH) ___:

Group of answer choices

causes the ovary to begin forming an egg follicle

stimulates the production of adrenal cortex hormone

stimulates the release of adrenaline

has target organ cells in the thyroid gland

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Question 131 pts

Complete the sentence to make it correct:

The hormone Calcitonin ___:

Group of answer choices

prevents hypercalcemia

is released by the parathyroid gland

increases the calcium level in the blood

can cause Graves disease if it is hypersecreted

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Question 141 pts

Which of the following is true of parathyroid hormone?

Group of answer choices

It increases the amount of calcium in the blood.

It is made in the thyroid gland.

It stimulates the formation of bone.

It is secreted by the thyroid gland

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Question 151 pts

The bicuspid or mitral valve is the valve ___:

Group of answer choices

between the left atrium and left ventricle

that opens from the right ventricle into the artery

between the right atrium and right ventricle

that opens from the left ventricle into the artery

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Question 161 pts

Which structure is the part of the conduction system of the heart that actually makes the ventricles contract?

Group of answer choices

Purkinje fibers

sinoatrial node

atrioventricular node

bundle of His

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Question 171 pts

Fill in the blanks in the sentence below to make it correct:

The first heart sound (“lub”) is caused by the _____ of the _____ and _____valve(s).

Group of answer choices

Closing; mitral; tricuspid

Closing; aortic; pulmonic

Opening; mitral; tricuspid

Opening; aortic; pulmonic

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Question 181 pts

Blood passing through the tricuspid valve has just left which heart chamber?

Group of answer choices

right atrium

left atrium

left ventricle

right ventricle

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Question 191 pts

Blood returning from the lung enters which heart chamber?

Group of answer choices

left atrium

left ventricle

right ventricle

right atrium

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Question 201 pts

Blood pressure is highest in the ___:

Group of answer choices

large arteries


large veins

small veins

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Question 211 pts

An increase in which of the following can cause a decrease in blood pressure?

Group of answer choices

heart rate

blood volume

strength of the heart contraction

blood viscosity

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Question 221 pts

The movement of gases from the alveoli to the plasma and red blood cells is called:

Group of answer choices





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Question 231 pts

The amount of air that can be forcibly taken in after normally inhaling is called __ ___ :

Group of answer choices

inspiratory reserve volume

end expiratory lung volume (EELV))

residual volume

tidal volume

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Question 241 pts

An incomplete expansion or collapse of a lung for any reason is called__:

Group of answer choices





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Question 251 pts

The order of the segments of the small intestine from the stomach to the large intestine is which of the following?

Group of answer choices

duodenum, jejunum, ileum

ileum, jejunum, duodenum

duodenum, ileum, jejunum

jejunum, duodenum, ileum

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Question 261 pts

List order in which material passes through the large intestine.

Group of answer choices

Cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon

Descending colon, transverse colon, ascending colon, cecum

Ascending colon, cecum, transverse colon, descending colon

Cecum, descending colon, transverse colon, ascending colon

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Question 271 pts

Protein digestion begins in the ___:

Group of answer choices



small intestine

large intestine

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Question 281 pts

Blood plasma moving from the glomerulus to the Bowman capsule is called__:

Group of answer choices





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Assignment: Anatomy and physiology

Question 291 pts

The positively charged ion with the greatest concentration in the blood is__:

Group of answer choices





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Question 301 pts

The hormone aldosterone causes the _____ by the kidneys. Assignment: Anatomy and physiology

Group of answer choices

resorption of sodium ions

resorption of potassium ions

loss of sodium ions

loss of potassium ions

You must proofread your paper. But do not strictly rely on your computer’s spell-checker and grammar-checker; failure to do so indicates a lack of effort on your part and you can expect your grade to suffer accordingly. Papers with numerous misspelled words and grammatical mistakes will be penalized. Read over your paper – in silence and then aloud – before handing it in and make corrections as necessary. Often it is advantageous to have a friend proofread your paper for obvious errors. Handwritten corrections are preferable to uncorrected mistakes.

Use a standard 10 to 12 point (10 to 12 characters per inch) typeface. Smaller or compressed type and papers with small margins or single-spacing are hard to read. It is better to let your essay run over the recommended number of pages than to try to compress it into fewer pages.

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The paper must be neatly formatted, double-spaced with a one-inch margin on the top, bottom, and sides of each page. When submitting hard copy, be sure to use white paper and print out using dark ink. If it is hard to read your essay, it will also be hard to follow your argument.


Discussion Questions (DQ)

  • Initial responses to the DQ should address all components of the questions asked, include a minimum of one scholarly source, and be at least 250 words.
  • Successful responses are substantive (i.e., add something new to the discussion, engage others in the discussion, well-developed idea) and include at least one scholarly source.
  • One or two sentence responses, simple statements of agreement or “good post,” and responses that are off-topic will not count as substantive. Substantive responses should be at least 150 words.
  • I encourage you to incorporate the readings from the week (as applicable) into your responses.

Weekly Participation

  • Your initial responses to the mandatory DQ do not count toward participation and are graded separately.
  • In addition to the DQ responses, you must post at least one reply to peers (or me) on three separate days, for a total of three replies.
  • Participation posts do not require a scholarly source/citation (unless you cite someone else’s work).
  • Part of your weekly participation includes viewing the weekly announcement and attesting to watching it in the comments. These announcements are made to ensure you understand everything that is due during the week.

APA Format and Writing Quality

  • Familiarize yourself with APA format and practice using it correctly. It is used for most writing assignments for your degree. Visit the Writing Center in the Student Success Center, under the Resources tab in LoudCloud for APA paper templates, citation examples, tips, etc. Points will be deducted for poor use of APA format or absence of APA format (if required).
  • Cite all sources of information! When in doubt, cite the source. Paraphrasing also requires a citation.
  • I highly recommend using the APA Publication Manual, 6th edition.

Use of Direct Quotes

  • I discourage overutilization of direct quotes in DQs and assignments at the Masters’ level and deduct points accordingly.
  • As Masters’ level students, it is important that you be able to critically analyze and interpret information from journal articles and other resources. Simply restating someone else’s words does not demonstrate an understanding of the content or critical analysis of the content.
  • It is best to paraphrase content and cite your source.

LopesWrite Policy

  • For assignments that need to be submitted to LopesWrite, please be sure you have received your report and Similarity Index (SI) percentage BEFORE you do a “final submit” to me.
  • Once you have received your report, please review it. This report will show you grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors that can easily be fixed. Take the extra few minutes to review instead of getting counted off for these mistakes.
  • Review your similarities. Did you forget to cite something? Did you not paraphrase well enough? Is your paper made up of someone else’s thoughts more than your own?
  • Visit the Writing Center in the Student Success Center, under the Resources tab in LoudCloud for tips on improving your paper and SI score.

Late Policy

  • The university’s policy on late assignments is 10% penalty PER DAY LATE. This also applies to late DQ replies.
  • Please communicate with me if you anticipate having to submit an assignment late. I am happy to be flexible, with advance notice. We may be able to work out an extension based on extenuating circumstances.
  • If you do not communicate with me before submitting an assignment late, the GCU late policy will be in effect.
  • I do not accept assignments that are two or more weeks late unless we have worked out an extension.
  • As per policy, no assignments are accepted after the last day of class. Any assignment submitted after midnight on the last day of class will not be accepted for grading. Assignment: Anatomy and physiology


  • Communication is so very important. There are multiple ways to communicate with me:
    • Questions to Instructor Forum: This is a great place to ask course content or assignment questions. If you have a question, there is a good chance one of your peers does as well. This is a public forum for the class.
    • Individual Forum: This is a private forum to ask me questions or send me messages. This will be checked at least once every 24 hours.


Assignment: Anatomy and physiology

Assignment: Anatomy and physiology


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