Assignment: Exercise Physiology

Assignment: Exercise Physiology

Assignment: Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology

1. A series of electrical stimuli in rapid succession can elicit more force production than a single electrical stimulus; this additive effect of high-frequency stimulation is called _____________.

2. ___________ is the neurotransmitter used to pass an action potential from nerve to muscle.

3. Regardless of training history, the soleus muscle consists of mostly type ____ fibers.

4. The theory that states that muscle fibers contract when thick and thin filaments slide past each other is called the _________________ theory.

5. Type _____ fibers are typically engaged during short, higher-intensity exercise that involves some degree of endurance.

Exercise Physiology

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6. Type ______ fibers are not very easily stimulated by the nervous system, meaning that they typically are not engaged until all other fiber types have been stimulated first.

7. Type _____ fibers are seldom engaged on a regular basis but are critical for high-power, explosive activities, such as sprinting.

8. The sarcomere length at which the overlap of thick and thin filaments is optimal is the definition of ____________________.

9. A solitary contractile response to a single electrical stimulus is called a(n) _________.

10. In a(n) _____________ type of muscle action, faster contraction/lengthening allows the muscle to develop maximal force production.

11. Type _____ fibers are usually engaged for long periods of low-impact aerobic exercise.

12. The alternating light and dark regions of thick and thin filaments on a muscle fiber are called ______________.

13. The series of events that begins with excitation of a motor nerve and results in muscle contraction is called _____________________.

Assignment: Exercise Physiology

14. The _____________ (a specific region of a myosin molecule) is the only part of the molecule that will interact with actin to create a cross-bridge.

15. An α-motor neuron and all the muscle fibers it innervates are collectively called a(n) ___________.

16. ______________ is the oxygen-binding molecule associated with skeletal muscle.

17. All chemical reactions in the body are collectively termed _______________.

18. ___________________ is the rate-limiting enzyme for the glycolytic pathway.

19. The enzyme that is critical in determining the rate of energy production through a given metabolic pathway is called the ___________________ enzyme.

20. All ingested carbohydrates are eventually converted into this simple 6-carbon sugar: _______.

21. Molecules whose names end in -ase belong to this family of molecules: __________.

22. Glucose is stored as __________ in the liver and muscles.

23. The general term for the breakdown of chemical compounds is ______________.

24. The measure of a muscle’s total ability to utilize oxygen is called its _________________.

25. The process of converting protein into fatty acids is called ____________.

26. The breakdown of glucose is called _____________.

27. When ATP is produced using oxygen, the process is called ____________________.

28. The influence of substrate availability on the rate of substrate metabolism is called the _________________.

29. Type _____ muscle fibers have a greater capacity for aerobic activity.

30. The high-energy phosphate molecule used by the body for almost all metabolic activity is _____.

31. The process of converting substrates into energy is called ____________.

32. In the absence of oxygen, for every molecule of glucose that enters glycolysis, ____ ATP will be produced.


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