CIS 210- midterm

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CIS 210- midterm

  1. To extend the bottom border of a hyperlink across the complete width of a navigation list, change the ____ property of each hyperlink to block.
  2. With the overflow property, a value of ____ instructs browsers to increase the height of an element to fit the overflow content.
  3. ____ an element takes that element out of the normal flow of the document and positions it along the left or right edge of its containing element.
  4. Some designers propose the use of ____, in which all measurements are expressed relative to the default font size using the em unit.
  5. A popular design element is the ____, which consists of an enlarged initial letter in a body of text that drops down into the text body.
  6. The style ____ places a double border above and below the element, and a single border on the element’s left and right edges.
  7. The current versions of both Firefox and Safari have adopted the ____ standard.
  8. Each browser’s ____ style sheet sets the margins around block elements such as paragraphs and headings.
  9. ____ is the repetition or alternation of a design element in order to provide a sense of movement, flow, and progress.
  10. What is the value of the list-style style that will cause no marker to be displayed?
  11. The ____ process repeats the image in both the vertical and horizontal directions until the entire background is filled.
  12. If you enter only one value for border-radius properly, that radius is applied to ____ corner(s).
  13. WebKit, Mozilla, and Presto support similar extensions that mirror the ____ background-size and background-clip properties.
  14. A(n) ____ represents a single dot on the output device.
  15. With semi-transparent colors, the final color rendered by a browser depends on the background color of the ______element.
  16. ______ measures the brightness of the color and ranges from 0% (black) up to 100% (white).
  17. CSS allows RGB values to be entered as ____.
  18. A technique known as ______ enhancement  places code conforming to older
    standards before newer properties.
  19. If two style rules have equal specificity, and thus equal importance, then the one that is defined _____ in the style sheet is the one used.
  20. The color scheme that uses two hues close to one another on the color wheel in which one color is the
    dominant color and the other is a supporting color used only for highlights and nuance is _____.
  21. Browsers recognize five ____ font groups.
  22. Graphic designers consider ____ easier to use because it allows you to guess at an
    initial color based on hue and then tweak the saturation and lightness values to fine-tune
    the final color.
  23. CSS supports styles to define both the text and ______ color for each element on your page.
  24. In the hexadecimal system, 16 is expressed as ____.
  25. Inline styles are styles applied directly to specific elements using the style attribute
    <element style=”style rules”> … </element>
    where element is the HTML element and _______ are CSS styles applied to that element.
  26. If an element contains 12pt text, a length of 2em equals ____.
  27. Which of the following is an HTML-supported kind of path?
  28. You link to an id or anchor using the anchor name preceded by the ____ symbol.
  29. A page containing an outline of the entire site and its content, called a(n) ____, can be supplied to users.
  30. To specify a hotspot in an image map, you can use the ____ shape.
  31. Which of the following relative pathnames is interpreted as “the chem.htm file is in the tutorial subfolder one level up in the folder tree from the current file”?
  32. A(n) ____ path provides a precise location for a file.
  33. Sections of most commercial Web sites are off-limits except to subscribers and registered customers and have a(n) ____ Web page that users must go through to get to the off-limits area.
  34. A structure to make it easier for users to return immediately to the home page or other main pages is called a(n) ____.
  35. To reference a file in a folder directly above the current folder in the folder hierarchy, relative pathnames use two ____.
  36. To differentiate the absolute pathnames to files that are located on different drives, HTML requires you to include the drive letter followed by a ____.
  37. The accompanying figure shows an example of a(n) ____ applied to a link.
  38. A(n) ____ path specifies the location for a file in relation to the folder containing the current Web document.
  39. If a network covers several buildings or cities, it is called a ____.
  40. _________ do not contain content, but often are employed to send directives to browsers regarding how a page should be rendered.
  41. A Web ____ makes a page available to users of the Web.
  42. The largest WAN in existence is the ____.
  43. A host that provides storage space for saving and retrieving files is called a _______.
  44. A ____ language is a language used to describe the content and structure of documents.
  45. Documents on the Web are known as Web ____.
  46. To add notes or comments, insert a comment tag using the syntax ______
  47. The document ______ is not displayed within the page, but is usually display in a browser’s title bar or on a browser tab.
  48. Closing tags are identified by the ____ that precedes the tag name.
  49. In addition to content, elements also support _______ that specify the use, the behavior, and in some cases the appearance of an element.
  50. A(n) ____ list is used to display information in sequential order.
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