CIS 312 Week 5- Midterm Exam

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CIS 312 Week 5- Midterm Exam

  1. A ____ network is a complex combination of communication protocols, methods of data transmission, and network hardware devices.
  2. Some experimental computers have used quantum physics to perform data storage and computation.
  3. ____ is typically the cheapest component of current information systems.
  4. The biggest impetus for the change to electronic computing devices came during World War I.
  5. A machine capable of addition can perform multiplication by executing the addition function multiple times.
  6. A(n) ____ is a stored set of instructions for responding to a specific request, much as you might look up a recipe to prepare a particular dish.
  7. Mechanical computers were used during World War I to compute trajectory tables for naval guns and torpedoes.
  8. The ____ software layer has utility programs used by end users and system administrators to manage and control computer resources.
  9. If the instruction format is ____, the amount by which the instruction pointer must be incremented after each fetch is a constant.
  10. If the instruction format is ____, the amount by which the instruction pointer must be incremented after each fetch is a constant.
  11. A(n) ____ instruction generates the result true if both of its data inputs are true.
  12. A(n) ____ instruction suspends the normal flow of instruction execution in the current program.
  13. The operand of a CPU instruction cannot contain the location of a data item.
  14. MOVE tests the bit values in the source location and moves these values to the destination location.
  15. A ____ instruction copies data bits to storage locations and can copy data between any combination of registers and primary storage locations.
  16. A ____ performs specific tasks that can be counted or measured.
  17. The surface area allocated to a bit is called the ____.
  18. Wait states increase CPU and computer system performance.
  19. Multiple hard drives can be enclosed in a single storage cabinet; this arrangement is referred to as a ____.
  20. ____ is a generic term for describing secondary storage data transfer units.
  21. Early computers implemented primary storage as rings of ferrous material, a technology called ____.
  22. Volatility is a matter of degree and conditions.
  23. The time the disk controller must wait for the right sector to rotate beneath the heads is called ____.
  24. A storage device or medium is ____ if it can’t hold data reliably for long periods.
  25. A(n) ____ is a related group of primitive data elements organized for some type of common processing and is defined and manipulated in software.
  26. A(n) ____ is a data structure containing both traditional (static) data elements and programs that manipulate the data.
  27. Understanding data representation is key to understanding hardware and software technologies.
  28. The data types a CPU supports are sometimes called ____ data types.
  29. The fractional portion of a real number is represented by digits to the right of the ____.
  30. With any fixed-width data storage format, it’s possible that the result of a computation will be too large to fit in the format.
  31. Automated data processing combines physics and mathematics.
  32. The representation format for each data type balances compactness, range, accuracy, ease of manipulation, and standardization.
  33. When the data needed isn’t in the cache, the access is called a ____.
  34. The CPU communicates with a peripheral device by moving data to or from an I/O port’s dedicated bus.
  35. Until the 2000s, system buses were always constructed with serial electrical lines.
  36. A ____ connects secondary storage devices to the system bus.
  37. The main goal of buffering and caching is to ____.
  38. A system bus can be conceptually or physically divided into specialized subsets, including the data bus, the address bus, and the control bus.
  39. Serial channels in buses are more reliable than parallel channels at very high speeds.
  40. When three cache levels are in use, the cache farthest from the CPU is called a ____ cache.
  41. Devices with low data transfer demand can use a single lane, and devices with higher requirements can increase their available data transfer rate by using additional lanes.
  42. A PC usually transmits data one bit at a time over a wireless connection, and a laser printer prints an entire page at once.
  43. The role of ____ requires both technical expertise and the ability to help the organization make optimal use of its data resources for tasks such as market research.
  44. ____ design activities are narrower in scope and constrained by the information architecture compared to the remaining design activities.
  45. Most people feel comfortable purchasing complex devices, such as cars, home theater systems, and computers.
  46. Consolidation in periodical publishers has created large corporate families of technology-related Web sites and publications.
  47. Under the UP, an information system is built in a series of 3- to 5-week repeated steps.
  48. Many ____ create application software for specific processing needs.
  49. To make an informed choice when purchasing a computer, you must know your preferences and requirements, such as the application software you plan to use and whether you plan to discard or upgrade the computer in a year or two.
  50. Given the rapid pace of change in computer technology, a manager must have a broad understanding of current technology and _____.
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