DNA and Cells Questions

DNA and Cells Questions

DNA and Cells Questions

Q 1 true or false

1-A nucleosome is DNA wound around a protein core of eight histone molecules .

2- RNA polymerase catalyzes the production of a strand of RNA from DNA .

3-A ribosome consists of two subunits .

4-A single codon consists of 3 nucleotides.

5- Ribosomal subunits are made of proteins and ribosomal RNA.

6- DNA packing/unpacking occurs outside of the nucleus.

7- Transcription occurs in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells.

8- RNA ligase marks the end of a gene and causes transcription to stop.

9- Any change in the nucleotide sequence of DNA is called a mutation .

10- The transfer of genetic information from DNA to RNA is called translation

11- The greatest annual input and least seasonal variation in solar radiation occurs in the tropics .

12- Photosynthesis consumes CO 2 and cellular respiration consumes O 2

13- Phospholipids are completely hydrophobic.

14- A protein that becomes denatured no longer functions .

15- The adaptations of pronghorns to open country could be a disadvantage in a densely forested environment .

16- Cell division is common in eukaryotes but rare in prokaryotes

17 – Cells facilitate an increase in the order of the surrounding environment .

18- The expressed physical traits of an organism are called its phenotype.

19- Dehydration reactions are involved in the formation of macromolecules

20- Electron carriers play a role in energy conversion within the cell.

Q 2 Match the definition

Chlorophyll,Nucleus ,Primary consumer ,Chloroplast , Diploid ,Stomata, Secondary consumer ,Homologous Chromosomes ,Mitochondrion ,Zygote

Operon ,Gene expression, Promoter , Transcription Factors , Activator ,Nucleosome, Operator ,Gene regulation ,Repressor


1-A genetic “switch ” in prokaryotes that determines whether the RNA polymerase can attach to the promoter and start transcribing genes .

2- A protein that blocks the transcription of a gene or operon

3- How genetic information flows from DNA to proteins or the flow of genetic information from the genotype to the phenotype .

4- A protein that switches on a gene or a group of genes.

5- In prokaryotes, a cluster of genes with related functions . along with the promoter and operator that control their transcription

6- A gene that codes for a protein , such as a repressor that controls the transcription of another gene or group of genes .

7- In the eukaryotic cell, a protein that functions in initiating or regulating transcription. They bind to DNA or to other proteins that bind to DNA

8- A specific nucleotide sequence in DNA located near the start of a gene that is the binding site for RNA polymerase and the place where transcription begins .

9- The turning on and off of genes within a cell in response to environmental stimuli or other factors

10- A structure associated with DNA packaging , consisting of DNA wound twice around a protein core of eight histone molecules .

11- An organelle that absorbs sunlight and uses it to drive the synthesis of organic compounds from carbon dioxide and water

12- Microscopic pores surrounded by guard cells in the epidermis of the leaf that facilitates gas exchange .

13- An animal that eats herbivores ,

14- Two chromosomes that make up a matched pair in a diploid cell .

15- The diploid fertilized egg , which results from the union of a sperm cell nucleus and an egg cell nucleus .

16- An herbivore an organism that eats plants or other autotrophs .

17 – The organelle of a eukaryotic cell that contains the genetic material in the form of chromosomes , made of chromatin .

18- a sexually reproducing organism . a cell containing two homologous sets of chromosomes .

19- An organelle in eukaryotic cells where cellular respiration occurs . Enclosed by two membranes it is where most of the cell’s ATP is made .

20- A green pigment located within the chloroplasts of plants and algae and in the membranes of certain prokaryotes .



The members of this group produce their own food through photosynthesis.

Is this group a kingdom or a domain?

What is the name of this kingdom or domain ?

Q4 These mostly single -celled organisms include the Amoebas . They are microscopic , but their cells contain membrane -enclosed organelles . Scientists group them into multiple because their evolutionary relationships are still being assessed .

Is this group a kingdom or domain ?

What is the name of this kingdom or domain ?


Q5 The members of this group are decomposers .

Is this group a kingdom or a domain ?

What is the name of this kingdom or domain ?

Q6 These microscopic organisms are made of simple cells . They live just about everywhere , and there are practically innumerable species of them .

They even live on and Inside you ! Is this group a or a domain?

What is the name of this kingdom or domain ?

Q7 How are RNAs involved in translation? What is the special name for the RNAs that are involved in translation? Explain

Q8 These are microscopic organisms made of simple cells . They are found the more extreme

environments on the planet .

Is this group a kingdom or a domain ?

What the name of kingdom or domain? DNA and Cells Questions


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