DNP 801 Topic 7 Discussion Question 1 PEER Posts

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DNP 801 Topic 7 Discussion Question 1 PEER Posts

A personal worldview is based on the personal philosophy (beliefs, concepts, or ideas about the world) that one creates, ether consciously or unconsciously. These influence how one sees and interacts with the world. Reflect on the principles that have created your worldview. Were these principles developed consciously or unconsciously? Do they help or hinder? What are the main principles you use?
Based on your self-reflection, discuss two core principles from your personal philosophy and explain how they have shaped your worldview. How do these impact your ability to think critically? How does “open-mindedness” influence nursing care when caring for patients who do not share your personal philosophy or worldview? How do you think others experience you based on the actions or attitude derived from your personal philosophy/worldview? (This response does not require research support.)
Audimar Bugayong
Posted Date
Apr 2, 2022, 11:02 PM
Replies to Audimar Bugayong
The Christian faith has made a great impact on my personal view and philosophy. A biblical verse I take to heart is from Colossians 3:17, “and whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.” My personal belief is that I was purposefully created to reflect the love of God in all that I do, whether it be at work, at school, at home, or with family and friends. With this, I daily pray for others to continue to see Him in me, hear Him when I speak, and feel Him within me. Contemporary literature supports that there is a connection between religious beliefs and health perspectives (Blankinship et al., 2021). I believe that my faith has also influenced my nursing career. In my opinion, nursing was a calling for me. It allowed me to be a servant to others and care for them during their sickness. Being a nurse also allowed me to experience humbleness, humility, and expressions of love and caring for those that are strangers to me. Nursing was the epitome of being selfless and being a representative of God despite any given situation. I believe that my principles developed both consciously and unconsciously. One’s belief may hinder their actions due to certain principles and traditions, but open-mindedness is imperative to healing (Pfeiffer, 2018). I fully understand that everyone does not have the same faith as I do, and I respect that with an open mind. My personal belief does not hinder me from being open-minded but rather it helps me respect others and see them from their perspective.


Blankinship, L. A., Rouse, W. A., Bernstein, J., Kruk, J., & Aboul-Enein, B. H. (2021). A Narrative Review of Ethnic Minority Studies for Faith-Based Health Promotion Interventions with Special Reference to the Contemporary Christian Nurse. Journal of Religion and Health, 60(2), 1375.

Pfeiffer, J. (2018). Strategies Christian Nurses Use to Create a Healing Environment. Religions, 9(11), 1–13.
• AZ
Angela Zafke
replied toAudimar Bugayong
Apr 3, 2022, 11:00 AM
Replies to Audimar Bugayong
Greetings Audimar,
You had a beautifully written post. It has been enjoyable to read the post this week and learning from peers in this cohort. Nursing is my second career. I spent much time in prayer to be guided to the area where I am called to be and can serve God and God’s people. Nursing is my calling. During my time as a nurse, I have spent time comforting and tending to the ill. However, no matter how much I have given, I feel I have received more in return. Reflecting on different patients and families from different backgrounds and religions or worldviews, love is a universal language. Love is a condition that no medication can ever replicate. Many of our peers this week have described caring as an essence in nursing. The combination of love and respect creates care (Hajbaghery & Bolandian, 2020). I really appreciated this definition and feel it defines the care that nurses provide and the principle you described in your post.
Hajbaghery, M. A. & Bolandian S. (2020). Love in nursing: a concept analysis. Journal of Caring Sciences, 9 (2), 113–119.
• PE
Patricia Etheridge
replied toAudimar Bugayong
Apr 4, 2022, 10:55 AM
Replies to Audimar Bugayong
Hi Audimar,
Good post, and thanks for finding the Pfeiffer articles, as I will remember the comment that one’s beliefs may hinder their actions, this is so important to the nursing profession. Something for everyone to be aware of. Good stuff, take care, Dr. Etheridge


DNP 801 Topic 7 Discussion Question 1 PEER Posts

DNP 801 Topic 7 Discussion Question 1 PEER Posts

• AS
Asiatu Seisay
replied toAudimar Bugayong
Apr 5, 2022, 1:16 PM
Replies to Audimar Bugayong
Hello Audimar,
I share with your insights regarding the development of an individual’s worldview. Sometimes we never know how our upbringing influences our personality and beliefs when we grow up. Having been brought up in a Christian setting, I have developed the desire to always do the will of God. The desire guides my actions, beliefs and conduct in all settings. I therefore understand well when you state that your Christian faith greatly impacts your philosophy and personal view. It is also true that an individual’s faith influences their professional practice. I am impressed with the way you apply your personal principles to your nursing practice. When you understand that nursing is a calling, you are able to integrate God’s values in your practice. Your ability to care for patients with humility, love, and selflessness reflects your pursuit for God’s Kingdom. I believe a hybrid between God’s values and a Christian worldview forms the basis of nursing practice.
Posted Date
Apr 2, 2022, 10:10 PM
Replies to Audimar Bugayong
A personal worldview and personal philosophy are guiding principles that we live by. Such principles include values, culture, religion, and one’s meaning and purpose (Simplicable, n.d.). These principles are established in childhood and carried on through adult hood based on surroundings, upbringings and situational events (both positive and negative). As a child and young adult, I was surrounded by the Romanian culture that focused on family and a Pentacostal Christian environment. The values within the bible and the culture resembled my daily living and ideas of the world. I value the concepts my parents and family taught me in my uprising however I as I grew older, I realized I was sheltered towards the negative aspects and different views of the world. The church that I attended with my family had segregated seating (male vs female) and woman were always to wear dresses and skirts that were below the knees. I had a culture shock the first time I attended an American Christian church based on the standards I was told were appropriate. There were many concepts like this I had to learn as I carried on learning other aspects of the worldview. None the less, a few principles I learned and to this day still encompass are compassion, selflessness and the unconditional caring for those in need.
Like many nurses, wanting to help others was a calling I had. When I was a teenager, I tragically had to perform CPR on my grandfather who experienced a fatal MI. From that moment on, I knew I was meant to do what I could not do for him; help save lives. I have spent 16 years in healthcare and to this day, I focus my care on my patients as if they were my own family. To achieve good patient outcomes, values and principles should be embedded in the healthcare provider team. The value of being open-minded allows opportunities for growth, to learn and implement new protocols and polices to increase positive patient outcomes, empathy, and great listening skills. This value also establishes rapport between the nursing staff. A person is still entitled to their worldview, philosophies and values and whether or not we agree, we should respect each other’s choices as we are in the healthcare setting to assist the ill, not to reprimand or become confrontational. I am hopeful that my openness to listen, selflessness and compassion assists others in putting trust in my care.

21 examples of personal philosophy. Simplicable. (n.d.). Retrieved April 2, 2022, from

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