HCS/131: Business Communication Skills For Health Care Professionals Essay Paper

HCS/131: Business Communication Skills For Health Care Professionals Essay Paper

HCS/131: Business Communication Skills For Health Care Professionals Essay Paper

Wk 5 Individual: Preparing for Working in Teams [due Day#]

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Assignment Content

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Collaboration is everywhere, especially in the health care industry. It is important to learn how to work and communicate in a collaborative environment. As you progress through your program, you will experience learning teams in your courses. Learning teams provide you with valuable experiences that will prepare you for working collaboratively in the health care industry.HCS/131: Business Communication Skills For Health Care Professionals Essay Paper


Navigate to the University Library homepage.

Locate the Learning Team Toolkit on the upper right side of the homepage.

 Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that identifies the Learning Team resources provided by the University and the importance of working effectively in a team. A presentation format has been provided for this assignment; however, you may choose to format your presentation in another professional manner.HCS/131: Business Communication Skills For Health Care Professionals Essay Paper

Include the following in your presentation:

Slide One: Title Slide

    • Title of presentation
    • Your name
    • Course abbreviation and course number
    • Due date
    • Your facilitator’s name


Slide Two: Introduction

    • Describe what the Learning Team Toolkit is.
    • Provide screenshots of the Learning Team Toolkit. HCS/131: Business Communication Skills For Health Care Professionals Essay Paper

Slides Three and Four: Review the Learning Team Charter

    • Explain the importance of the Learning Team Charter.
    • Why is it created?
    • Why is it important in collaborative environments?
    • How can it be used during team conflicts?
    • Why is it important to communicate with your faculty?


Slides Five and Six: Review the Learning Team Evaluation

    • Explain the importance of the Learning Team Evaluation form.
    • Why is it important to rate the members of your team?
    • Why is it important that your faculty know how you would rate your team members?HCS/131: Business Communication Skills For Health Care Professionals Essay Paper

Slide Seven: Learning Team Toolkit Resources

    • Explain the resources available in the LearningTeam Toolkit.

Slide Eight: Importance of Team Work

    • Explain the importance of team work in education and the workplace.
    • Identify some strategies you would use when working in a team.
    • Identify effective communication you would use when working in a team.

Slide Nine: References

    • Cite 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.
    • Format your references according to APA guidelines.


Note: Speaker notes are to be provided for each slide. Refer to the “Tutorial: Adding Speaker Notes to Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentations” document for more information on how to add speaker notes to your presentation.


Note: The University’s Center for Writing Excellence provides samples of different deliverables. Under Samples, you will find a sample Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to use as a reference while creating your presentation.HCS/131: Business Communication Skills For Health Care Professionals Essay Paper

Cite 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your presentation.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. Include a title slide, detailed speaker notes, and a reference slide.

Submit your assignment.

Bottom of Form

HR Memo

Candace Brock
November 16, 2015
Diane Rodriguez 

TO: Human Resources
FROM: Candace Brock
DATE: November 16, 2015
SUBJECT: Interpersonal Relationships Development training classes Request

In order to enhance and improve employee relations and communication inside our health care office I would like to request the development of training classes on interpersonal relationships. These relations and their quality play a vital role in the communication and success of our facility. Factors such as supportive and defensive climates and the way we express ourselves determine the level of service we provide. Understanding the elements of communication

Assertive communication reduces stress, improves productivity and contributes to a healthy workforce. (Pippa Ibe)

Understanding of how to apply steps such as The Four Part Assertion message will prove to be beneficial in enhancing our interpersonal communication. By adapting to these tools and attitudes we can learn to be open, honest and genuine in our interactions. Using Behavior Description will give coworkers a factual description of the problem. A statement of a person’s feelings in response to the behavior is using a Feeling Message. Identifying consequences you are experiencing as a result of the behavior is using a Consequence Statement. Coworkers can apply Request Statement to offer a possible solution to the problem. I feel that having a good understanding of these techniques will greatly benefit our organization. HCS/131: Business Communication Skills For Health Care Professionals Essay Paper

The elements of supportive and defensive climates are important in determining the effectiveness and quality of our communication inside the workplace. Understanding these elements and knowing how to apply them will have a great effect on the type of environment we establish.

I believe that educating our employees on these relations and how they affect our environment and determine the type of climate we are in would be extremely beneficial to our health care office as well as the patients whom we provide care for. HCS/131: Business Communication Skills For Health Care Professionals Essay Paper

Thank you for your time

Weekly Summary
Denishia Usher
November 30, 2015
Linda WidjajaWeekly Summary
In the last five weeks of this course, we have learned a lot. I am shocked that we are in the last week of this course. In this week, we are learning about Planning Business Messages and also reviewed Understanding Business Communication in Today’s Workplace. After reading and watching the videos, we should be able to explain the importance of positive employee relations along with determining the best practices for workplace communications.
The ideas, readings, discussions, or activities that stood out to me the most were from the electronic reserve readings. I had the chance to read an article called Effective Communication Programs Keep Workers Healthy and Morale High. HCS/131: Business Communication Skills For Health Care Professionals Essay Paper While reading this article it had mentioned, “A little investment in psychologically healthy workplaces can pay big dividends in years to come.” When I was reading this quote, the meaning that came to my mind was, “if the company takes its timeout to communicate effectively with its employees, later on the company is going to be successful, and the employees are committed to the company. From personal experiences, I agree with the quote. I have had bosses who spoken to me in such a degrading way, and it may me feel some way. I had bosses who also uplifted me and praised me when I was doing a good job for the company. With effective communication, a business can come along the way.
I was surprised the most by the behaviors that took placed in the Workplace Etiquette video. In this video, you see three male coworkers being rude to the one female coworker who’s trying to finish her task before the deadline. I was surprised by this because I would have thought that the coworker that she shares the cubical with, would have told the other guys to keep it down. I thought that the guy who also went to her desk
Electronic Health Records There are many individual qualities that make an administrator successful, no matter what type of organization. An administrator in health care must be informed and educated on advancements in technology, including the ethical and legal issues that come with the advancements. This paper will focus on a commitment of the federal government to transfer all patient records from paper to electronic. HCS/131: Business Communication Skills For Health Care Professionals Essay Paper The purpose and function of the new mandate will be discussed, and possible recommendations identified. One important function of a health care administrator is to adhere to the code of conduct given to administrators, and to follow the mission and goals of the organization. The primary goal in that one function is to protect the patients from harm (Fremgen, 2009). The driving force behind the records change is the potential for a greater patient doctor experience. Maintaining electronic records should foster a higher level of communication, minimize paperwork errors, and help monitor a patients overall health more effectively (Francis, 2010). Our country has access to the highest level of technology, and the medical field realizes the benefits every day. It is easy to recognize the advantages of electronic records in a health care facility. But change rarely comes without potential disadvantages, in this case legal and ethical ones. The most recognizable potential legal issue would be the lack of patient record security. Any record that is electronic has the capability to be viewed or manipulated.


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