Herzing University Information literacy homework

Herzing University Information literacy homework

Herzing University Information literacy homework

id love for you to help me out with this assignment also, my login for blackboard is mjacobs@ and my password is … Herzing University Information literacy homework

Herzing University

Conducting Research

Thesis Statement:  




Hint:  See the next page for some search strategy reminders.


Keywords:  (What are the main words that describe your subject and what you want to say about it?)  
Synonyms:  (What other words can you use that mean the same thing as your keywords?) Using synonyms EXPANDS your search.  
Narrower Terms: (What are some specific things you want to know about the keywords?)



Benefits & Detriments:

Expanding Terms:

(What larger subjects include your Keywords or Synonyms?)




Indicate two (2) Herzing University Library databases you will use to search for your topic:

Database #1:  


Database #2:  



Identify one (1) source (article, e-Book, video, etc.) you locate that addresses your topic. Include title, author, date of publication, which database you located it in.










Use Linking Words and Symbols for Precise Results


Boolean Logic Searching – Great Search Strategy for Precise Results:

AND = documents include both one word and another.  This narrows your focus.

OR = documents include one word or the other.  Use with synonyms.  This broadens focus.

NOT = eliminates documents with even one occurrence of the word.  Use this cautiously!


Check to see if you can use a wildcard to catch multiple endings.  This is also call truncation.  For example, work* might get work, worked, working, work, workers.  Look for Search Tips or Help on the search screen to see which symbol is used in the database or search engine you are using.


Use parenthesis for grouping or nesting terms together.


Here is a sample search:  research and (skills or strateg*)

It will retrieve:

  1. All documents retrieved will have the word research AND all documents will have some form of the word with strateg as the root. For example, strategy, strategies, strategize would all be found and included in my results list.
  2. OR All documents retrieved will have the word research AND the word skills.


Most databases use Boolean linking words.  So, if you entered in the search research skills without an AND connector, you would only be searching for the exact phrase research skills. You would not get occurrences such as skills in research or research and writing skills.  Some databases have the option to use Boolean or not.  Check out the “Advanced” search function or the Help and Search Tips links in the database.

Herzing University

Exploring Databases


Accessing the Databases:

  1. Go the Library Tab in Blackboard. Find the Databases section and select the Go to A-Z List icon.

How many databases are in the list? ________


  1. Change the All Subjects menu dropdown to correspond to your field of study at Herzing.

(For example if you are an Accounting major, select Business; if you are a Criminal Justice major, select Public Safety; if you are a Medical Assistant major, select Healthcare; if you are a Nursing major, select Nursing, etc.)


List your field of study/major at Herzing University: ________________________

List the corresponding subject from All Subjects dropdown: _________________________

How many databases are in the list? __________


  1. Go back to the Databases section of the Library Tab in Blackboard and notice that the same Subjects are listed. Once again, select your subject area.

Back on the A to Z list for your subject area; browse the list of databases available.

If you were assigned to write a paper about the most current issue facing your profession, which database would you select to conduct research on this topic and why?


Database name: ______________________________________________________

Explain why you chose this database:






  1. Towards the top of the A to Z list, look for and select Clear Filters to clear the Subject set of databases.


Using the “Letter” menu (row of letters) select “C” to jump to that section, and scroll until you find Credo Reference.

Read the description.

What types of resources does this database offer?







  1. Select Credo Reference to launch this database.

Review the Explore Topic Pages section and then click the down arrow beside Browse Credo at the upper right and select Titles.

On the results page select General Reference listed under Subjects in the Narrow Your Book Results menu on the left.

List a title that is of interest to you.




  1. Close Credo Reference and go back to the A to Z list. Once again, select Clear Filters.

Using the “Letter” menu select “P” to jump to that section, and scroll until you find ProQuest Central and select it.


This database will open up to the Basic Search Page.

Enter search terms related to a medical topic of your choice.

List your key words/search terms: ________________________________________


Click on the “I” next to Peer Reviewed.

What process do peer-reviewed publications go through?





Who authors scholarly journals?





Check the box next to Peer Reviewed (for this step leave Full Text unchecked) and run your search.


How many results are displayed? _____________



  1. Now limit to “full-text” by doing one of the following: either check the box for full-text and hit search OR look for Full-Text in the left margin under Narrow results and click that.

How many results are displayed after applying this limit? _______



  1. Explore the other “Narrow Results By” section on the left side of the screen.

List two options:


  1. Find a result that is of interest to you and select the blue title words to reveal more details about the article.











In this view of the article notice the tools at the right for downloading the PDF (if available) as well as Cite, Email, Print, and Save.  Select “Email.”

If you want to send to more than one email address, what do you do when filling out the form?




Click Cancel.


  1. Close out of this database and return to the A to Z List. Once again, select Clear Filters.

In the “All Subjects” drop-down menu, select Business. You will see a “Best Bets!” section at the top of the list, these are the most relevant databases related to that subject matter.



Select Business Source Complete – Ebsco from the list.


  1. Business Source Complete opens up to the Advanced Search Screen

Enter search terms related to a business topic of your choice (example advertising and sports).

List your key words/search terms: ________________________________________

In the Limit your results section, check the boxes for Full Text and Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals and run your search.



List the number of search results: _________________________________


  1. On the results list, using the Limit to options on the left side of the screen move the “date slider” to change the date range of your results. Set the date range from 2010 to the present.

List the new number of search results: ____________________________




  1. Select any article by clicking on the title. Notice the Tool options on the right side of the screen.

List two of the tools available:




  1. Close out of this database and return to the A to Z List. Once again, select Clear Filters.

Using strategies you have learned so far find and select Films on Demand.


Search for “study skills” by titles (default).


List one of the Films on Demand titles from the results list.




  1. Did you know about Guides from the HU Library that contain links to the HU Library databases? Go back to the Library Tab in Blackboard and look for the Guides section. Select a Guide of interest to you and provide your selection:




Select the Find Articles Tab (select another guide if your first choice does not include this tab) and list one of the databases from that you find:





Feel free to go back and explore any of these resources. Remember when you have questions on database selection and using the tools, please contact the Herzing University Librarians. They are here to assist you and all Herzing University Students.


  1. Please describe your experience completing this assignment.




Herzing University Information literacy homework


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