NRS-427VN Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Paper

NRS-427VN Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Paper

NRS-427VN Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Paper

Community Teaching Plan: Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal

Grand Canyon University: NRS-427VN

Community Teaching Plan: Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal

Name and Credentials of Teacher: E A, RN
Estimated Time Teaching Will Last: 30 minutes or less
Location of Teaching: Northwest PIWC Community Church, Houston, TX
Supplies, Material, Equipment Needed: Posters, sample hurricane supplies ( flashlight, water, batteries, first aid kits, snacks offered by nurse) and refreshments (offered by church)
Estimated Cost: 
Community and Target Aggregate:
 Church members and family (All ages)
Topic: Hurricane Preparedness

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A disaster depict events rendering great destruction and death. Forms of disaster includes explosion, flood, earthquake, and fire. Annually, disasters destructs and causes thousands of deaths. To tone done fear and anxiety by community members and families, it is imperative to accomplish disaster preparedness strategies. Through disaster preparedness losses can be diminished as well. Community and families need to be aware and prepare for disaster like a hurricane (


Gulf of Mexico is just 50 miles away from Houston. Therefore, when a steady moving windstorm such as Hurricane Harvey strike the city, swamp of flood may arise and can be extreme. Houston city is flat and is scarcely above sea level. Downtown measures 50-feet above sea level, and about a four-foot separating the highest and lowest portion of downtown. Meaning that, when it pours, it has nowhere to settle, and spends a longer time to drain and dry out. Several southern suburbs are lower about 40-feet above sea level. Northwest suburb happens to be the highest point, about 128-feet above sea level. Once freeways are overflowing with flood, sidewalks and homes start flooding (CBSnews, 2017). As a result of hurricane, families would be dealing with injury, death and loss of property. According to National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 storm. Damage was about $125 billion, that’s huge compared to other natural disaster in the history of U.S. other than Hurricane Katrina (Amadeo, 2018). Combining all these facts, there is the need for hurricane preparedness for families and the entire community.


The nurse would need to assess the teaching location at the church premises, make sure it is large enough and accessible for church members and families. The nurse would also examine the community, note the hurricane prone locations and familiarize him/herself with the current evacuation and safe zones for rescue. The nurse must be aware of alert and warning keys, enlisted emergency contacts or radio stations that offers updated details. The teaching information must be outlined and presented with posters, made easy to read and understand by all ages, have interpreters and must contain Information concerning when to evacuate, rescue locations, and emergency supplies ( The nurse need to collaborate with the church to offer fund and donations to help church members and families organize an emergency kit. Advocating for personal or volunteering funds from church member is also beneficial. The teaching date and time must be set to favor church members to attain greater attendance. It is imperative to make church members aware of hurricane preparedness and how best it can save lives.


Risk for impaired emotions R/T to anxiety of occurring disaster
impaired coping mechanism
Readiness for improve coping


Pertaining disaster, evidence of readiness to learn by community members is manifested when they reach out for awareness information prepare towards it According to EuroMed Info, there are four stages that one adopts with the responsibility of preparedness for any disaster. This implies: The pre-contemplative stage, the unawareness of the community that disaster likely will occur. The contemplative stage, steps for preparedness are taken. The action stage, active preparation for disaster by community members. The maintenance stage, continuous learning on preparation for present and future disaster. Signs of ready and preparation is reflected by the community by organizing emergency vital needs and kit, creating a family plan, and being updated with information. Members of the community are able to help other community members understand disaster planning. This is in relation to strategies and knowledge they have acquired. Community members, willing to acquire knowledge, are also able to locate sources and strategies to improve knowledge in disaster preparedness. It is imperative to know the strategies of what to do before, during, and after a disaster. NRS-427VN Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Paper


Evaluating the community needs and learning style is vital in order to offer effective teaching and assistance by the nurse. Prior to teaching, the nurse uses a quick VARK questionnaire (Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic) a guide to learning learning style for the church members to analyze and evaluate the best approach for teaching (VARK, Questionnaire, 2018). The nurse does this by asking a brief generalized learning style questions from the church members. According to Brody, from ABC news, Houston is prone to flooding for a number of reasons. The city is flat with little topographic relief and the soils beneath it are clay based, inhibiting drainage. Flood in houston is primarily, caused by human problems. Houston is a fast growing area, ” Because of all the rapid development in the city, the natural drainage patterns of the region have been changed. “Instead of water seeping into the soil or running into the bayous, we’re starting to see it run into people’s homes.” Houston uses bayous as its main drainage system, however the city has no major levee system in place (Stracqualursi, 2017). This pose a high risk for natural disasters such as hurricanes, and floods. The nurse in collaboration with other church leaders will offer colorful posters with description of essential needs during a disaster. Billboards will be posted throughout the church and nearby community with information of the address, time, and date of teaching. The nurse will present teaching with posters with emergency kits information, transportation, exit layout and routes. Time for question and answers will be granted to ensure the teaching was covered in a retainable manner. The goals is to create hurricane awareness and have members of the community educated, and prepared for flood disaster in Houston.


Healthy people 2020 (HP2020) have a targeted goals to be accomplished by 2020 and furthers years head. In this lesson, the nurse will use preparedness as a targeted goal for the community. Preparing ahead towards emergency can provide safety to families and community members. Emergencies situations include: natural occurrence like floods, earthquakes, flu outbreak, tornado, blackouts, and attacks by terrorist. These forms of disasters can occur at any time without notice. It is advisable to ensure that you and your family, and the community is ready and safe. To accomplish this goal these are some of the strategies: obtain an emergency supply kit, make a family emergency plan, and learn tips of handling emergencies ( Ways to increase quality of life in a community is by establishing a healthy environment. Globally, about 25% of total deaths and disease crisis can be related to environmental factors. These factors are multiple and far reaching. Including, exposure to polluted air, water, soil and food, natural and technological disasters, physical hazards and nutritional deficiencies. Unhealthy environment has risk impact on people whose health is already prone to illness. Consequently, environmental health need to tackle the societal factors that causes exposure and disease related natural or man made disaster (


With the technology era we live in, most citizens fancy the use of digital cell phones with the capability of texting and internet access and a modern computer. Hence, the nurse need to give out credible websites and contact numbers for community members to enroll and receive updated information concerning their specific location and beyond. The nurse also provides poster, and refreshing snacks for all audience. Other church leaders and members shared insightful stories to win the audience’s attention. Time to reflect and explore on questions will be granted towards the end.


With Houston being flat and close to Gulf of Mexico and prone to flood, the nurse must educate the community on disaster preparation. Giving off disaster kits including essential supplies such as flashlights, batteries, water, and snacks, blankets and rain poncho will assist the church members with hurricane preparation. Also, making the members aware of the hurricane season and month, usually in August through October will help establish a time frame for the members to be ready and prepare. Nurse need to make sure flood maps are posted at the church premises and available will ensure where to find rescue when need be. Encourage members to take important supplies with them. Educate members that decide to stay in their homes. As the teacher, the nurse will make sure all members comprehend disaster preparedness. The goal being for all members to be prepared and have essential emergency supplies ready.


Some of the barriers entails, non English speaking members, and financially unstable members. These barriers can be handled with assistance. The need to ensure a translator for non-English speaking members is available. The nurse will collaborate with the church to raise funds for those that are financially unstable and will be given the supplies needed. With all these strategies to overcome barriers, the members of Northwest PIWC, Houston TX, will be able to endure during a hurricane or flood disaster. With communication, the teaching will be started with prayer, quick group VARK questionnaire to evaluate learning style and the best way to proceed with teaching, actual teachings explained in simple terms with explanation of key points on hurricane, engage them with other leaders to share experience, and engage members with question and answers, then offer refreshment break while teaching is still ongoing. Eye contact with members during teaching will be utilized during teaching to enhance teaching, and finally the teaching will end with offering free sample of emergency supplies and prayer.

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This is a community teaching plan proposal written to include the topic, plan, and preparation toward a presentation to be presented by an RN in a community church in Houston, TX. The topic selected is on Hurricane Preparedness, since Houston is prone to flood. The goal is to ensure that church member and nearby communities are well equipped with the best info regarding hurricane to prevent great losses of lives and property during the now and future hurricanes.


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NRS-427VN Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Paper


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