Paper [Patient Education Tool]And Presentation essay

Patient Education Project

You will design a patient education tool that can be used by nurses for teaching patients using computer applications. You will then present your tool to the class and explain the purpose, how you created it, reasoning for your choice of applications, and provide current evidence of the effectiveness of this patient education. This presentation is 5-10 minutes.

Total Points: 200

Patient Education Project Tool Rubric – 100 points
Points 18-20 14-17 10-16 0 Comments
Use of Computer Applications Creative, innovative, effective use of computer applications Effective use of computer applications Ineffective use of computer use of applications Lacking use of computer applications
Organization Extremely well organized; logical format that was easy to follow; flowed smoothly from one idea to another and cleverly conveyed; the organization enhanced the effectiveness of the project Well organized; logical format that was easy to follow; flowed smoothly from one idea to another and conveyed; the organization enhanced the effectiveness of the project Somewhat organized; ideas were not presented coherently and transitions were not always smooth, which at times distracted the audience Choppy and confusing; format was difficult to follow transitions of ideas were abrupt and seriously distracted the audience
Content Accuracy 100 % of the facts are accurate 99-90% of the facts are accurate 89-80% of the facts are accurate Fewer than 80% of facts are accurate
Research Went above and beyond to research information; solicited material in addition to what was provided; brought in personal ideas and information to enhance project; and utilized variety of resources to make project effective Did a very good job of researching; utilized materials provided to their full potential; solicited adequate resources to enhance project; at time took the initiative to find information outside of school. Used the material provided in an acceptable manner, but did not consult any additional resources Did not utilize resources effectively; did little or no fact gathering on the topic
Creativity Was extremely clever and presented with originality; a unique approach that truly enhanced the project Was clever at times; thoughtfully and uniquely presented Added a few original touches to enhance the project but did not incorporate them throughout Little creative energy used during this project; was bland, predictable, and lacked “zip”

Patient Education Project Class Presentation Rubric: 100 points

0-4 Comments
Voice Speaker uses appropriate pitch, volume, and rate of speaking. Articulation excellent. Hasty conversational style; does not interfere with volume or articulation. Communication is unhampered. Low volume; hasty conversational style compromises articulation and communication. Speech difficult to hear or understand; communication is severely compromised. Speaker is inaudible, and/or speech is garbled, impeding communication.
Gestures and Audience Engagement Eyes, hands, facial expression, and body language all coordinate to support communication. Eye contact is adequate. Facial and body language are neutral. Eye contact and facial expressions are minimal; gestures and body language distracting. No eye contact; speaker is stationary, or is supported by lectern. No eye contact, speaker is rigid, head down, or is unable to continue.
Speech Content Introduction explains the purpose of the tool, previews speech.
Body clearly explains how you created it and the reasoning for choice of tools.
Conclusion ties presentation together. Speech is prepared, organized into an introduction, body, and conclusion, with minimal transitional devices.
Speech is obviously prepared and researched, but has no discernible intro, body, and/or conclusion and lacks interlocking thoughts. Speech has an impromptu effect, with no discernible parts or transitions; is obviously poorly researched and unprepared. Speech is unprepared, not researched, and is obviously an impromptu presentation.
Evidence Support Research used from appropriate sources Research used, but not from appropriate sources . No research support provided
Length of presentation Presentation is 5-10 minutes in length Presentation is <5 minutes or>10 minutes in length

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