Top 299+ Notch Psychology Research Paper Topics 2022

Top 299+ Notch Psychology Research Paper Topics 2022
Table of Contents
How to choose psychology research paper topics for your research paper?
I. Center your attention on a topic within a specific branch of psychology
II. Write about a type of therapy or a disorder
III. Consider a topic related to human cognition or human development
IV. Critique an academic journal article or a book
V. Write about a historical figure
VI. Choose a psychology career to write about
VII. Evaluate a significant experiment
VIII. Conduct a literature review
IX. Write a case study
Topics for psychology research paper
Controversial topics in psychology for research paper
Child psychology research paper topics
Good topics for a psychology research paper
Social psychology topics for research paper
Developmental psychology research paper topics
Cognitive psychology research paper topics
Abnormal psychology research paper topics
Forensic psychology topics for research paper
Sports psychology topics for research paper
Educational psychology research paper topics
Personality psychology research paper topics
Positive psychology research paper topics
Cultural psychology research paper topics
Easy psychology research paper topics
Research paper topics in industrial-organizational psychology
Health psychology topics research paper
Argumentative research paper topics for psychology
In summary
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Are you looking for a good topic for your psychology paper? Conceptualizing a good topic idea is sometimes more challenging than actually writing a research paper. The list of psychology research paper topics provided is a great place to find inspiration and get you started.
This article does not just provide a list of topics to choose from but also guides on how to choose a suitable topic.
How to choose psychology research paper topics for your research paper?
Creating a good topic is one of the most significant steps in writing any research paper. This is particularly important when you are writing a psychology research paper. Since psychology is a broad subject, you need to find a topic that covers the subject without an overflow of information.
Before searching for a topic for your psychology paper, it is imperative to establish the research paper guidelines specified by your instructor. Here are a few tips on different ways to choose a topic for your psychology paper.
I. Center your attention on a topic within a specific branch of psychology
A good trick in selecting a good psychology research topic is selecting a narrow topic with enough resources to make your argument. A good approach is to focus on a topic within a particular branch of psychology.
For example, you might decide to write a paper on abnormal psychology. Consecutively, you might further narrow down your research and explore a topic based on psychotic behaviour.
II. Write about a type of therapy or a disorder
Expounding treatment modalities or a psychological disorder is a great way of getting a psychology research topic.
III. Consider a topic related to human cognition or human development
Human cognition is the ability to engage in complex, motivated behaviours rather than reacting to current situations; it is permeated by self-control. Possible topics in this area could be decision-making, thinking, intelligence, and language.
Human development is focused on understanding how humans grow and develop (change) throughout their lives. In this area, you might opt to explore issues concerning older adults such as dementia or early childhood development such as social learning.
IV. Critique an academic journal article or a book
Another option is writing a psychology critique paper on a published work of psychology. Browse through libraries and internet resources for journal articles or books that might interest you and write a critique on them. For example, you may write a critical evaluation on a book such as Philip Zimbardo’s Lucifer Effect: How Good People Turn Evil.
V. Write about a historical figure
An interesting way of finding a good topic is finding a historical figure in the field of psychology and writing about them. Your paper may focus on various aspects of their life such as their contribution to psychology, theories, biography, or professional history.
VI. Choose a psychology career to write about
Writing about specific career paths in psychology could offer a great topic for research. In this paper, you may choose to explore various things. These include; the duties of the career person in question, how much people in that career earn, and the different employment options available.
VII. Evaluate a significant experiment
Various groundbreaking experiments have been performed in the field of psychology. These experiments have helped us better understand human behaviour. Critically evaluating a famous experiment and its effect on the field is a simple way of finding a psychology topic to write on.
VIII. Conduct a literature review
A literature review on a particular topic would work well for various psychology courses. A literature review involves finding several sources on a certain topic and evaluating what the sources have to say.
IX. Write a case study
A potentially interesting idea is to write a case study of an individual, group of people, historical event, film, or book. In this paper, you should provide a detailed analysis of your subject. You should assess the person or situation with various psychological theories.
Topics for psychology research paper
If you are a psychology student struggling to create a topic for research. Here are a few good ideas:
Effect of yoga on human psychology
Treatment interventions for multiple personality disorder
Symptoms, causes, and treatment of dementia
Compare and contrast midlife crises between men and women
What is the importance of self-perception?
Expound on the social identity theory by Turner and Tajfel
What is the correlation between PTSD and Alzheimer’s disease?
Descriptive analysis sleep paralysis: causes and effects
Discuss various types of social interactions
What is the effect of post-partum depression on children?
Describe the correlation between morality and law
Discuss the effect of a divorce on children
Does obesity affect the mental health of an individual?
A critical analysis of the post-pandemic workplace: a psychological approach
Techniques of managing stress through tough economic times
Methods of pain management: a psychological approach
Discuss methods of helping children and teenagers cope with stress
The effects of single parenting on the psychology of children
Expression and interaction hindrances of the LGBTQ community
Intervention strategies of helping a family cope with someone suffering from PTSD
The effect of segregation and racial bias on social psychology
Stress-related issues among foreign students due to immigration status
Compare and contrast psychological effects of sleep deprivation and having enough sleep
Psychological analysis on the dangers of driving while on the phone
Comparative analysis of how men and women view sex
Controversial topics in psychology for research paper
Controversy is a prolonged public dispute or debate fueled by conflicting opinions. Some social and individual issues affiliated with psychology spark divisions within the public realm. Here are a few of such examples:
Does sex education cause corruption of morals among teenagers and young people?
Describe the negative effects of gender bias in religion
Is homosexuality a psychological condition?
What is the effect of corporal punishment on students’ mental health long term?
An analysis of Harlow’s pit of despair
The impact of social networks and online dating sites on teenagers’ psychology
Is perpetrating a crime a justification for coping with past trauma?
Critical evaluation of sexually deviant behaviour and fetishes
What are the causes of stigma around mental health?
A critical analysis of Milgram’s obedience experiments
Marriage and having a child: is social pressure more predominant than personal will?
Are paranormal phenomena and parapsychology grounded in reality?
Is the negativity surrounding homosexuality justified or is it the typical fear ad misunderstanding of the minority?
Discuss the emotional and psychological development effects of too much exposure to television on children
Validate or invalidate the effectiveness of unconventional treatment and radical therapy in psychology
Discuss the influence of culture on self-image
Critical analysis of Zimbardo’s prison experiment
Cognitive enhancing drugs: ethical implications of development and administration
Discuss stereotypes attached to certain careers
Why are women and sex a part of most songs or music lyrics?
Group dynamics: leader emergence and follower compliance
Child psychology research paper topics
Child psychology is the study of conscious and sub-conscious child development. It mainly involves how children interact with other humans and the world around them.
The impact of music on a child’s psychological development
What is the effect of birth disorders on a child’s psychological development?
Discuss the role of quarantine due to COVID-19 in shaping child psychology
The effects of a technological environment on child psychology as they grow
Critical analysis on children emotional development
The effect of childhood fears on adult life
Critical evaluation of children’s social development
Critical analysis on the best parenting model
What is the importance of play to a child?
Discuss the main causes and intervention strategies of ADHD among children
Evaluate physical and digital games that stimulate child development
Discuss the five stages of psychological development in children
The best practices of improving mental health among children
A look at behavioural tendencies among autistic children
A look at the effect teenage sexting has on children
Discuss the correlation between child obesity and parent neglect
What is the effect of saying No to your children?
Expound on the significance of a psychologist on initial child developmental stages
Effective monitor strategies on childhood development
Discuss challenges in childhood psychology assessment
The effects of lack of attention
Good topics for a psychology research paper
In case you are stuck in finding a good topic for your research paper, browse through your notes and course resources for a few ideas. Here are a few ideas:
The effect of serious romantic commitments on decision making
Elements of communal relationships
What are the significant causes of borderline personality disorder?
Discuss the effect of over possessiveness on putting strain on a relationship
Intervention strategies of speech disorders
Discuss the rise of eating disorders among the world population
What are the elements of companionate love?
Describe methods of dependence regulation in a relationship
What is the psychological consequence of telling the truth?
What are the possible intervention strategies for seasonal affective disorder?
Illustrate the effectiveness of socionics
Who is better at remembering words and numbers men or women: a comparative approach
Discuss the impact of sleep deprivation on short-term memory
What are the implications of mood freezing?
Compare and contrast qualitative and quantitative research in psychology
How can cognitive therapy help to treat anxiety disorders?
Discuss the significance of psychology in the military
What is the effect of an abusive relationship on the psychology of an individual?
Anxiety disorders: critical analysis among male adults
What are the most significant factors leading to dissociative disorders?
Discuss how music taste describes the personality of an individual
Social psychology topics for research paper
Social psychology is the study of how a group or individual behaviour is influenced by the implied, imagined, or actual presence of others. It helps us understand how to properly address social issues.
What are the adverse effects of hate speech?
Discuss various strategies of coping with physical illness
Discuss the correlation between obesity and social networks
Evaluate response tendencies when verbal communication does not match non-verbal cues
Evaluate the effect of depression on cognitive development
Discuss the equivalence of physical disability to psychological disability
Critical evaluation on the reaction of people when social norms are violated
Describe the impact of negative reinforcement on behaviour
What are the ethical implications of therapists being in romantic relationships with their clients?
Describe the procedure of reconciliation betrayal
Discuss methods of handling grief
What are the psychological effects of dealing with a terminal illness?
Critical evaluation on the effect of peer pressure on behaviour
What factors have led to a rise in divorce rates?
Discuss the impact of stress on preterm deliveries
How should a normal individual go about social interaction
Have people’s interactions been boosted by social platforms?
What is the significance of violence and aggression in society?
What factors influence extreme change in personal perception of religion?
Discuss various strategies of families coping with grief
How can an individual detect when they are being lied to?
Developmental psychology research paper topics
Developmental psychology is the study of how and the causes of human beings changing in their lifetime. The three major dimensions of developmental psychology are cognitive development, social-emotional development, and physical development. Here are a few examples:
The correlation between genetics and developmental disabilities
Does age affect memory?
What are the most significant factors that contribute to child abuse?
What is the significance of mirroring in connecting to self?
Elements of psychopathic behaviour among young people
Do students perform better in exams when they study while listening to music?
How is violence imparted in children?
Do learning capacities diminish with age?
What factors influence learning languages?
Describe the correlation between parental development and child development
Primary issues that lead to the emergence of serial killers
Does stress lead to fast ageing?
What is the role of mass media in fueling violence?
What is the place of stereotypes and gender roles in modern society?
Long term effects of mental health problems
The correlation between religion and moral development
Does technology play any role in physical development?
The correlation between birth order and procrastination
Comparative analysis: authoritative versus permissive parents
What influences child food choices?
The effects of drugs on mental health
Cognitive psychology research paper topics
Cognitive psychology is the study of internal mental processes. It focuses on factors such as attention, reasoning, creativity, language use, and memory. Here are a few suggested topics:
What are the measurement techniques of the attention span of children?
How does a speech disorder affect a child’s life and cognitive development?
What are the best ways of recovering memory loss?
What is the effect of the subconscious on decision-making?
What is the cause of bullying behaviour among children?
Describe critical thinking and its effect on cognitive development?
A literature review on whether video games can help children with special needs
Critical analysis on death anxiety among genders
Comparative analysis between children and adults on motivation and rewards
Business psychology: an investigative analysis of the psychology behind entrepreneurship
What is stronger: habit formation or habit maintenance?
Colour psychology: its usefulness in cognitive development
Describe amnesia
How do we measure intelligence quotient (IQ)?
Elements of PTSD in a clinical environment
What are the detriments of taking muscle relaxants?
The effect of romantic movies on teenagers
Abnormal psychology research paper topics
Abnormal psychology is the study of unusual thought, emotions, and behaviour. The criteria for determining abnormal behaviour are a statistical rarity, violation of social norms, maladaptive behaviour, and personal distress.
Intervention strategies for breaking an addiction
Can mental illness be detected by a blood test?
Critical evaluation perfectionism: a type of personality disorder
An analysis of awkward sexual behaviors in the workplace
Critical analysis: The Oedipus concept in contemporary society
Discuss human anxiety about death
What is the effect of lying on mental health?
The significance of divergent behaviour in the workplace?
Differentiate between PTSS and PTSD
Discuss the main causes of suicidal behavior
What is the influence of personality and emotions and phobia?
The correlation between stalking and mental illness
What are the causes of increased narcissism in people?
Forensic psychology topics for research paper
A combination of psychology and law is termed forensic psychology. Forensic psychologists provide therapy and intervention strategies to victims of crime. Below are a few research topics open for exploration:
What is the major cause of mass killings in the USA?
Critical assessment of neglecting domestic violence towards men
Risk factors of displaying unreliable evidence
What is the role of the internet, films, and video games in increasing copycat crimes?
What is the major factor leading to the rise of home-grown terrorists?
Discuss the role of law enforcement in impacting the private life of citizens
Is eyewitness memory reliable and legitimate?
Elements of the psychology of cybercrime
Psychological evaluation of female paedophiles
Is eyewitness account from a mentally challenged individual admissible in court?
Evaluating social climates in prison hospitals
Is YouTube a great source of information and learning for forensic psychologists?
Psychological perspectives on narcissism and partner violence
Challenges posed by schizophrenia and crime on forensic psychologists
Modern practices and challenges of family law and psychological evaluations
The correlation between social media, substance use, and forensic evaluation
The role of society in preventing the making of a serial killer
Useful strategies of internet policing
The effectiveness of DNA evidence in court
Compare and contrast between forensic and correctional psychology
Sports psychology topics for research paper
Sports psychology is a skill that uses psychological factors that influence athletic performance, physical activity, and sports. Here are captivating research topics open for exploration:
What is the role of the coach in improving player performance?
Character building through sports participation
The relevance of sport psychology in the sporting world: athletes and stakeholders
The correlation between perfectionism and self-esteem in student-athletes
Future trends in sports psychology: an analysis of head trauma among athletes in football and rugby
What are the outcomes of good behaviour among athletes?
What are the consequences and mitigation strategies of pressure in the field?
What are the problems associated with low confidence in an athlete?
Child-bearing tendencies of professional athletes: an analytic approach
Evaluate the needs and emotions of women in sports
Physiological and psychological aspects of doping in sports
Educational psychology research paper topics
The scientific study of human learning is termed educational psychology. It critically evaluates how people learn and retain knowledge.
Discuss the working of operant conditioning
What are the major causes of achievement gaps?
What effect does bullying have in schools?
Discuss the correlation between academic success and self-esteem
Strategies of keeping students motivated
What is learning: an educational psychology approach
Personality psychology research paper topics
Individuals vary in terms of personality; the study of these variations is known as personality psychology. Here are a few examples of topics open for exploration:
What does your pet choice infer about personality?
Are leaders born or made?
What is the effect of marriage on your personality?
The correlation between prosocial behaviour and personality
Describe the relationship between temperament and creativity
Do opposite personalities attract?
Describe the effectiveness of authoritarian leadership
What are the characteristics of heroism?
Positive psychology research paper topics
Positive psychology is the scientific study of why life is worth living, centring on individual and societal welfare. Here are a few topics:
Evaluate the three types of happiness
Discuss the power of positive thinking
What are the cues to making a good first impression?
Can compassion change our world?
Define the concept of resilience
Critical research on the psychology of regret
Cultural psychology research paper topics
Culture reflects and shapes the psychological aspects of individual members. Below are a few suggested topics:
What is the implication of cultural psychology on diversity?
What is the influence of famous artists on world culture?
Discuss the evolution of cultural psychology in the contemporary world
Life experiences of unemployed graduates around the world
What is the effect of COVID-19 on the world’s political atmosphere?
Easy psychology research paper topics
Psychology is a challenging discipline to pursue. Writing a good essay, however, can become very swift by tackling an easy research paper question.
Describe brain activity when someone is in love
Are insecure men more likely to make more sexist jokes?
What are the health benefits of socializing?
What are the mental health effects of psychological torture?
Discuss various types of bipolar disorder
Discuss the effects of stress on the body
Research paper topics in industrial-organizational psychology
Industrial-organizational psychology is the discipline of human behaviour with work. It is also known as occupational psychology.
The effects of race norming on social psychology
Employment at will
Discuss the big five traits of personality
Discuss characteristics of load overload and underload
Psychology 101 research paper topics
The relationship between human-computer interaction and work motivation
Health psychology topics research paper
You may consider health psychology if you are looking for a health psychology topics research topic. Here are a few suggested topics:
Psychological interventions involved with end of life care
Adjusting to chronic illness
Treatment interventions of mitigating addiction
Work-life balance and its effect on mental health
Explore factors that lead to teen suicide
The importance of public training on infant safety to mitigate crib death
Argumentative research paper topics for psychology
You might take different routes when writing an argumentative essay. Here are a few suggested interesting argumentative psychology research paper topics:
What are the most important elements of a good relationship?
Discuss the effect of advertising on the human mind
What are the contributing factors to an individual’s morals?
Did Barrack Obama’s election kill racism?
Is spanking an effective way of correcting children?
Does prostitution equal an average profession?
Discuss the commercialization of education
What is the relationship between music and psychology?
How can you get away with a white lie?
Are stereotypes good?
Should teen marriage be legalized?
In summary
To write a good research paper, you need to come up with a good idea to research and write on. This article contains a variety of psychology research paper topics to choose from that may be an inspiration to help you get started.
If you find writing a research paper a daunting task, you may seek the services of an online assignment writer. Online writing services are very affordable and will guarantee you a professionally written paper.
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